Our team is always 100% committed to our clients and their exceptional wedding project.
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We are a pioneer firm 100% specialized in planification, coordination, design and production of weddings in the central area of Mexico. Since 2011 our main objective has been to offer professional attention to brides who live in other cities in Mexico or abroad, and who dream of having a wedding in Querétaro or San Miguel de Allende. Our wedding projects are directed by Vanessa Dieguez, a passionate Wedding Planner who has produced more than 250 weddings in various destinations in Mexico, with a career of more than a decade in the event industry and a continuous academic and professional preparation in the field. She is an active member of ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants), the most international recognized association in the wedding industry, which has granted her the title of Accredited Wedding Planner. In addition to having the certification of Destination Wedding Specialist - QRO, by SECTUR, we have had the honor of having weddings awarded by the Belief Wedding Awards.

We are a wedding planner agency specialized in destination weddings in Queretaro and San Miguel de Allende.

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Vanessa Diéguez

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Courses and Awards

I am Vanessa Diéguez, a communicologist by profession, graduated in 2003 from UDLA-Puebla, in 2005 Master in Business Communication from the University of Barcelona and in 2021 as a specialist in Digital Communication from the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

I began my professional career in the area of organizational communication in private industry and in 2007 I became responsible for the area of Communication and Events in one of the most recognized insurance companies in Mexico and Central America, and that is how I got to know the exciting world of events.

I coordinated events for more than 1000 attendees in the most exclusive places in Mexico City, such as El Heroico Castillo de Chapultepec, in addition to planning and coordinating conventions in various national destinations.

In 2011 I decided to start my path of entrepreneurship with a project 100% specialized in weddings, where brides could find structured planning processes and could enjoy this exciting experience under the support of a true professional in wedding protocols, bridal procedures, design and logistics of events as well as access to highly qualified suppliers; that is how I founded BODASSA in the city of Queretaro, Mexico.

In 2012 I began my professional education in the amazing wedding industry, taking the ABC (Association of Bridal Consultant) Professional Development Program and obtaining the international certification as an ABC Bridal Consultant, since then I have been an active member of ABC.

After more than 10 years of founding BODASSA and being part of this incredible wedding industry I can say that the most valuable part of my job is the connection we have with our clients and without a doubt what I like the most is that every wedding project is a new beginning of happiness we will share with our clients.

Some of the specialization courses I have taken:

2008 “Como Planear y Organizar Eventos Exitosos” /Quality Training de México / México D.F
2012 “Ambientación y Arte de la Mesa” / ABC / México D.F
2012 “Etiqueta de Boda” / Programa de Desarrollo Profesional ABC / México
2013 “El Día de la Boda” / Programa de Desarrollo Profesional ABC / México
2013 “Congreso Latinoamericano de Bodas y Eventos Especiales” / Love Mexico / Gdl, Jal.
2013 “Wedding Coach I” / Claudia Saldaña MBC – CFD – FIA / Riviera Cancún
2013 “Modulo I” / EIAF- Escuela Iberoamericana de Arte Floral / México D.F
2013 “Servicios Relacionados” de la industria de las BODAS / Programa de Desarrollo Profesional ABC / México
2013 “Ventas y Mercadotecnia” Para BODAS / Programa de Desarrollo Profesional ABC / México
2013 “Planeación y Consultoría” / Programa de Desarrollo Profesional ABC / México
2014 “Seminario de Tendencias de Diseño de Bodas y Eventos 2014-2016” / ABC / México D.F
2014 “Wedding Coach II” / Claudia Saldaña MBC – CFD – FIA / México D.F
2014 Taller Floral “Flor y Diseño” / Bart Hassam – XXXI Iberiada México – Floral Training 2014 / Qro. Qro.
2014 Taller Floral “Del Material al objeto” / Daniel Santamarina– XXXI Iberiada México – Floral Training 2014 / Qro. Qro
2014 Taller Floral “Joyería Floral” / Llum Benedicto – XXXI Iberiada México – Floral Training 2014 / Qro. Qro
2014 “Master Class by Gregor Lersch” – XXXI Iberiada México – Floral Training 2014 / Qro. Qro
2014 Taller Floral “Mission Color” / Natasha Lisitsa – XXXI Iberiada México – Floral Training 2014 / Qro. Qro
2014 “Congreso Latinoamericano de Bodas y Eventos Especiales” / MexicoWed – ABC / León, Gto.
2014 “Wedding Coach IV” / Claudia Saldaña MBC – FIA / Gdl, Jal.
2015 “Destination Wedding Certification Specialist – Querétaro” / A.C.I.B.E.P – DW Certification – AFWPI / Qro, Qro.
2015 “Congreso Latinoamericano de Bodas y Eventos Especiales” / MexicoWed – ABC / Mérida, Yuc.
2015 Designación como Professional Bridal Consultant ABC
2020 Convención ABC Latinoamérica: Acción, Beneficios y Colaboración
2020 Congreso Bodas LAT
2020 “Protocolo en Prevención y Gestión Sanitaria COVID-19 y otras Pandemias / INIBEP
2021 “Seminario Gestión de Eventos y Banquetes” / Universidad Anáhuac

2021 Ganadora en la 14va. edición de los Belief Wedding Awards en la categoría “Wow Decor”
2021 Ganadora en la 14va. edición de los Belief Wedding Awards en la categoría “Black & White”

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Mission, Vision and Values

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To plan exceptional weddings with absolutely professional, specialized and safe processes for clients.


To remain a pioneer and highly specialized wedding planning firm in central Mexico connected and focused on clients and their experience at destination weddings.


- Responsibility
- Honesty
- Competitiveness
- Excellence
- Loyalty


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